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100% Accurate Order Fulfillment and Quick, Affordable Shipping

Accurate order fulfillment, together with fast shipping that’s also affordable, is essential for any ecommerce merchant. It is vital to have a 3PL partner to deliver your products accurately and timely while also managing to reduce shipping costs for customers.

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Empower Your Brand with Our Trusted Fulfillment Solutions

We offer a speedy same-day shipping service. Your customers won’t experience frustrating delays that occur with other 3PLs. With 33 Degrees, you can give your customers the best shopping experience possible and increase the likelihood of repeat orders.

Streamlined Fulfillment

How it works

We’ve got you covered from your online store to your customer’s door!

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Step One

We connect your store using our in-house IT department and sync your products effortlessly.

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Step Two

Send us your inventory and let us take care of distributing it to your customers.

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Step Three

Relax as we handle the picking, packing, and shipping with our 100% Accuracy Guarantee.

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Improve your customers' experience with 33 Degrees as your trusted partner.

Our Ecommerce

3PL Capabilities

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Same Day Fulfillment

Merchandise can be shipped on the same day in most cases, for quick confirmation to your customer.

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Guaranteed Accuracy

Our AI-powered software uses a quality control process to pick and pack your orders accurately.

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Onsite Account Management

Live on-site dedicated account management support with quick response.

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Custom Packaging

Custom in-house printing, inserts, and packaging tailored to your brand.

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Data Security

SOC II, Type 2 Data Security – protects your and your customer's data.

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Drops and Pop Up Sales

With extensive drop experience and automation, your customers wont be kept waiting.

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High-Volume Capable Services

We are equipped to handle high-volume capacity demands efficiently.

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Returns Management

Customer returns are easy with full automation.

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Subscription Boxes

Streamline your ecommerce subscription box shipping with our expert 3PL fulfillment service

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Custom Kitting & Configurations

We provide flexible and high-quality custom kitting services to ecommerce businesses at volume.

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Dashboard Management

Powerful inventory management dashboard with real-time data.

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Climate Controlled Storage

Your products will enjoy the weather in our Orange County 3PL facility. 

serial number management

Serial & Lot Number Management

Our system will accurately manage serial and lot number inventories with wireless scanners and well planned processes.

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Highly Discounted Shipping Rates

We rate shop every single package through all carriers to get the best possible rates.

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Seamless Integrations

We have yet to see a system we can't quickly integrate.  APIs are no problem. 

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Amazon FBM

Let us take the complexity out of your Amazon orders and avoid their high-impact storage costs.

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Accuracy Matters

100% Accuracy Guarantee

100% Guaranteed pick accuracy. 33D utilizes an AI backed software using scanners and a QC process to accurately pick and pack your orders.

If we make an error, the order cost is on us!

33 Degrees

Empower Your Brand with Our Trusted Fulfillment Solutions

33 Degrees is an expert 3PL focused on ecommerce businesses.  We easily integrate with all major ecommerce software and shopping cart platforms.  Integrating into our system is seamless and straightforward and can happen within 48 hours in most cases.  Once integrated, you will have access to your personal real-time dashboard, allowing you to manage orders, and inventories, plus run any report you can dream of.  Switching from another 3PL is painless and without disruption to your current business.

Try Us!

Improve your customers' experience with 33 Degrees as your trusted partner.

If your software isn't listed below, please contact us at 1-800-998-8600. We integrate with 150+ software platforms and are here to collaborate with you. We're more than just a fulfillment service; we are your reliable partner.

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